This is a great performer who has agreed to perform at CFTC, We fell in love with this guy once we saw perform at Third Thursday last fall and have been attempting to bring him to CFTC next summer.

Here is his bio directly from his website:
He is simply a man who can no longer ignore how precious life is and how important it is to set your sights on something extraordinary. He traded in a life of comforts for the confines of a box truck that he now calls home.

He travels the country, spending his days creating music and the nights learning from the people, places and sounds of this magnificent planet. There is no physical destination in mind but rather a state of awareness that he hopes to one day achieve.

Only food and water are neccessary to survive this journey and so long as there is music for his ears, you will find a smile upon his face. He can only hope that his experiences may one day inspire and help people take the first step towards manifesting their dreams into reality.

As he wanders, his adventures will be broadcast live and freely available on the internet. All of the music & art he creates along the way will be free to download as well. He simply hopes that he can survive off the donations and good will of those kind souls who wish to see his journey continue.

For true art is made to enrich the mind of the observer, not the pocketbook of the creator.

Check out this video from his website:

This event will benefit a great local non profit organization, The folks at CatSNIP is back with us this year. Helping control the Street cat population here in Hutchinson Kansas.


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